Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sony Alpha DSLR-390 Review

Revision based on a production Alpha DSLR-390This is the last in our series of new ' Quick ' Reviews. We will use this format for the cameras that are functionally similar and identical in terms of output in templates that we have already reviewed. We make sure that the image quality is identical, then the review focuses on the differences between the two cameras. Learn all about the camera you are interested in please read not only the rapid, but also the complete review of the camera it replaces-in this case, the Sony Alpha 380 the A390 is the replacement for the A380-itself an update of the A350, launched in 2008. All three cameras share a number of features near-identical, including the system Fast AF Live View Sony still single. The A380 is essentially a A390 with some subtle changes, specifically an ergonomic grip new, more substantial and a top plate remodelled. As a relatively minor update, the A390 was never going to justify an in-depth review, but we're curious to see what Sony has changed in its newest mid-range DSLR. When we reviewed the A380, one of our major criticisms of manipulation of the camera was changed from the grip of the Sony A350 bulbous, almost oversized for more minimal lines, an abrupt than its predecessor. Sony has a backward step in the right direction? Read on to find out.There are very few differences between the A390 and his predecessor, but if you can summon the energy, here's a complete list.Approx. 6 g heavierNew, more substantial shutter release/handgripRe-positioned on/off switch and control dialNew texture and colour for the top plate (closest to the original A350)

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