Friday, February 18, 2011

FUJIFILM FinePix X 100 first look preview

just published: Fujifilm X 100 first look. In amongst a flurry of announcements important camera at Photokina 2010, a single model stole the show-the Fujifilm big sensor, retro-looking, fixed lens compacts: the 100 X. With sensor CMOS APS-C and 23 mm F2 lens fast giving a classic 35 mm equivalent short moderate style rangefinder camera has more traditional control knobs a viewfinder innovative "hybrid" that combines a large and bright finder optics with a high-resolution electronic display. We have been itching get our hands on 100 X ever since it was announced, and Fujifilm kindly lent us a prototype model for a first look. Click to read more.

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