Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pentax K-r Preview

based on a pre-production
Pentax K-r the new slot K-r in the line-up between the Pentax K-x entry-level and fans of model K-7. Visually is much closer to the K-x, but a look under the hood reveals that the new camera has been improved in several areas. More specifically, the K-r now shows the hotspot in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed halfway down. The lack of this feature was one of our major criticisms of the K-x and K-m (this is also almost certainly why the K-Prism r is slightly larger than the K-x). Despite the visual similarities to the K-x K-r is equipped with components by: x-K and K-7 and has some completely new features as well. As the K-x video footage captures images and 720 p on a sensor 12.4. As the K-7, pictures and menus can be displayed on a 3.0-inch LCD screen with resolution 921 k pixel. In addition, the K-r offers the most extensive ISO range (100-25,600 extensively) and faster continuous shooting (6.0 fps) all current Pentax DSLR. New features include an interface simple IR (wireless data transfer to compatible devices), a cross-processing mode and a night scene HDR mode. For those photographers who can't decide whether they prefer AA batteries or a proprietary rechargeable battery as the source of their camera to power the K-r offers both options. Comes with a rechargeable AA batteries as standard but can be used with an optional adapter.Apart from the battery new feature the Pentax K-r really does not offer anything new or completely out of the ordinary, but specifies the sheet certainly look very strong for a camera in this class. The K-r RRP at launch is $ 800 (? 599) including the kit lens 18-55 mm. Considering the price of road is likely starts to fall quite soon after the camera is available on dealer shelves looks K-r (at least on paper) as more of a viable alternative to some of the competing models more established competitors.

The following table shows the specific differences in Pentax DSLR line-up. The new model K-r is visually very close to the K-x entry-level but in some areas of the specification surpasses even fans of the K-7.

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