Thursday, February 3, 2011

Samsung NX100 Preview

Preview based on a pre-production
NX100 Samsung Samsung was the first company outside of the Consortium Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera to release an interchangeable lenses. The NX10 DSLR-separately as little fuss about its construction mirrorless, focusing instead on offering capbilities family and the behavior of a smaller body with small lenses. Now its sister model, the NX100 has a slightly different approach-eschews the traditional style of NX10 and embraces the simplest silhouette of a compact camera. And, although its minimalism design makes it look a bit monolithic, is almost identical in size to his peers obvious-the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus E-P 2.More compact dimensions of the camera has a sense of Samsung's previously-announced 20-50 mm F3.5-5.6 zoom lens ' compact ' which comes alongside NX100. It is a retractable zoom that recall the kit 14-42 mm zoom lens for Micro Four Thirds Olympus. Is not the image stabilised and, starting from 30 mm equivalent, it's not quite as flexible as most zoom kit (which tend to begin 27 or 28 mm equiv), but this means that the package remains small and nice camera with zoom mounted.The underlying specification is quite similar to the NX10-uses the same sensor 14.6 megapixel, battery and beautiful OLED screen VGA-equivalent, but you gain a range of features and tweaks that owners of NX10 hopes to receive future firmware updates. However there is a significant omission-the NX100 do not have a built-in flash.Probably the biggest gain is that Samsung has a feature called i-function. The two lenses launched alongside NX100-there is a 20 mm F2.8 prime as well as the 20-50 mm-both have a button ' iFn ' on their left sides allowing the focus rings be used to control the various camera functions. Depending on the shooting mode iFn can be used to adjust the compensation speed, Aperture and shutter exposure with the option of adding ISO and white balance, depending on how you plan to use the camera.In addition, there are a number of changes which make the camera more customizable-the option to select the highest value of ISO that your camera uses in Auto ISO, for example. In itself, these are minor changes, but are the types of options that allow users to better adapt the camera to their way of working, we would like to see.

Alongside NX100, Samsung has launched a range of accessories including a flashgun, GPS units and EVF that slot on the back of the camera.

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