Sunday, January 23, 2011

These 2011-preview event

Pre-CES 2011: We have just returned from the extra-terrestrial themed pre-show Digital Experience ' where we saw a little of the future (or, at least, had the opportunity to get our hands on products that you show in the next few days).

The two most interesting cameras were without doubt the Olympus E-PL 2 and Olympus XZ-1, both of which we have already had the possibility to preview. However, they were far from being only new cameras that we saw tonight-there were many more products attractive immersed under the giant inflatable UFO, including the new compact from Casio, Samsung and Sony.
But it wasn't just cameras-this is the first CES that we covered, and is certainly a spectacle. As well as the usual suspects, Kodak Photo-Sandisk and similar, we fully expect to see stand from companies like Microsoft, but we still found the apparent invasion by Ford and Continental tires pretty alien.
Apologies to anyone hoping for live blogging the event from promised-it seems that organizers don't think journalists at one of the largest technology events in the world would like internet connectivity and been turned off just before the doors open. Another disappointment (and one that is becoming increasingly wear) is that so many of today's releases were leaked before the opening of the exhibition. Walking for the pre-show alien theme that we were impressed with the irony that this year, the truth was out already ...
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