Monday, January 31, 2011

Olympus XZ-1 Preview

Preview based on a pre-production XZ-1In 2001, when it was possible to charge $ 999 for a compact camera, Olympus C-3040Z brewed, C-4040Z and C5050Z which contained some of the brightest ever zoom appear on these cameras. Unfortunately, as the years have gone ahead and prices fell, Olympus moved away from this part of the market and has been a long time since we looked at it for leading compact class.Despite the declining price of entry-level DSLR and the arrival of their more compact, mirrorless contenders, the compact sector has seen a shooting enthusiast, with Samsung and Nikon and Canon weighing-in going with bringing a second template for melee (revive the PowerShot S90 ' series to sit alongside the company's courageous g series). Olympus, meanwhile, has remained quiet.Today it becomes obvious that it hasn't been sitting-has clearly been watching the sector very closely and has studied the cameras available sharply. The result is the XZ-1: a compact enthusiast that takes the best elements of its rivals and synthesize them into a very attractive package.Of course, there's a bright lens with XZ-1, becoming the first company ever to wear compact designation respected ' Zuiko '. And it is clear why the company wants to draw attention to optics, after creating the lens zoom brighter than any current compact while still offering a range really useful. The lens of i. Zuiko is F1.8 at 28 mm equivalent and a F2.5 yet very impressive setting of 112 mm.But it doesn't end the specs on the lens-XZ-1 is built around a high sensitivity 1/1.63 "CCD, along with his peers, making it one of the biggest sensors to appear in a compact camera with a built-in lens. In addition, two control knobs (including a quadrant S90-style around the lens) and a brilliant high resolution OLED screen. Other highlights include a high-end flash hot shoe, and the ability to wirelessly control flashguns. It is difficult to imagine what could have mounted Olympus body nigrifons on attractive metal XZ-1.Olympus XZ-1 Specifies highlights: high sensitivity 10MP CCD sensor28-112 mm equivalent: 2.5-lensF1.8 apertureCCD-maximum displacement control dials image stabilizationTwin, including one around lensISO 100-6400New V TruPic processor (as in pen series of company) large 3.0? 621 k (VGA) display720p OLED film mode (30 fps Motion JPEG) HDMI Micro connector6 art filters (like the series of pen) On-camera flash in conversionBuilt-RAW, hotshoe flash and remote controlBuilt-in ND filter

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